workshop type

designed for those who love to color!

this watercolor workshop was created for those who love to paint but don't have enough confidence to free-hand and sketch flowers - this is a no-stress watercolor project for fine artists wanna-bes like you and me :-)! - and yes, i'll make sure that your inner-martha comes out of you. #believe - you'll quickly learn that you can take the same techniques to make handmade greeting card


beginner to intermediate

be brave!

you don't need to be a fine artist to create your own masterpiece. be brave and learn how you can watercolor and free-hand sketch this field of daisies - yes, you can do this, i promise you can! perhaps you can have peace for a couple of hours and create your version of art!

field of daisies

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    get ready to make daisies

    • easy-peasy daisies

    • TIP: MUST VIEW: making your daisy heads

    • arranging your flowers

    • be brave! - it's time to sketch your design & begin your masterpiece

  • 3

    the art of masking

    • TIP: MUST VIEW FIRST: preserving your brush from getting ruined from masking fluid

    • masking the daisy heads and stems

  • 4

    let's begin to color the background

    • applying broad strokes to the background

    • adding the grass in the background

    • the big reveal

  • 5

    refining your piece

    • adding some detail work

    • embellishing the daisy center

  • 6

    all done!

    • finishing touches and another alternative

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